Outdoor advertising at double-sided illuminated advertisment displays in Niš

We are sure that you have met this new way of modern and innovative type of advertising that will increase an information flow with its type and approach to advertising but it will also embellish a city appearance. A double-sided display in B1 format (100 cm x 70 cm) (40 inches x 28 inches) is an ideal solution for advertising, marketing campaigns, permanent advertising, information on different happenings, fair, sport and cultural manifestations, promotions, campaigns, new objects openings, new products advertising, sign-posts…

Characteristics of a double-sided display:

  • Dimensions 100 cm x 70 cm (40in x 28in)
  • Double illuminated
  • Installed at public lighting poles in the direction of road and sidewalk
  • A modern design
  • Illumination according to the timing of public lighting
  • Installed in a row (with all advantages that it carries: advertising in a row, sign-posts…)
  • Attested for outdoor applications
  • KVery quick and easy image replacement i.e. advertising message


A continuous message transferring to customers is available thus creating a new and efficient effect on a customer, service user or visitors of a manifestation. Unification of messages is especially effective with new brands creating a strong impact and making an access to a customer shorter. Large number of messages and pictures in a row make a stronger impression in all types of information and communication with customers. An impression of your products presence and ideas give strength and aggressiveness to a company necessary in this domain. Possibility of advertisement in segments is in a direct connection with a number of rented displays.

TRANSFER YOUR MESSAGE to hundreds of thousands of your customers through the network of double-sided illuminated displays. Advertise yourselves through an illuminated photos of good quality, placates, logos, slogans and signs